CIMO – Macrobiotic International Center Ohsawa


        The International Macrobiotics Center (CIMO) was set up in 1980 by Françoise Rivière with alongside fifteen founding members. Françoise Rivière was a student of Georges Ohsawa, as René Levy (, Michio Kushi (, Jacques Skalka, Herman Aihara, Tomio Kikuchi, Mario Pianesi and others.

        The founding members were taking part in publishing the paper « Lettre de Tenryu », which later became the magazine « Principe Unique », eventually replaced by the magazine « Ignoramus », published by the CIMO.

        Some followers of macrobiotic philosophy have started opening macrobiotic restaurants in different places around France : « Le Bol en Bois » (75), « Mangez Sain » (91), « Guen Maï » (75), « le Grand Appétit » (75), « les 5 Saveurs d’Anada » (75), « La Fleur des Champs » (67), « Marseille Nature » (13), …

        Each one of them followed a different path, while keeping the spirit of macrobiotics at their core.


        CIMO : its aim

        At the core of CIMO we find the teaching, dissemination and practice of the Far Eastern philosophy, as understood by Professor Georges Ohsawa. His will was to help develop, spread and democratize macrobiotics in France.


        Françoise Rivière

        Françoise Rivière was rigorous and precise in her actions. Her acts focused on the here and now and the understanding of the Universe through the balance of Yin and Yang. She helped many people find their path to health.

        Françoise Rivière wrote a book in which she stated in a very specific way how to implement “Diet Number 7” : « La santé et la macrobiotique ». There she provides ideas for menus consisting of 90 % to 100% grains in order to follow a 10 days cure. Full blood renewal takes 10 days.

        After this 10 days cure, the aim is to resume food intake which is closer to your routine while getting rid of bad habits. If you fall into your former bad habits, a new cure may be necessary to cleanse your body, and then, step by step, start again with a more diverse food intake.


        More than a mere diet, macrobiotics is a philosophy and the art of combining the Yin and Yang. The Unifying Principle may help you understand and gain awareness of what surrounds you. The aim is to achieve the health of both body and mind through the right food intake.

        Françoise Rivière passed away in 2006. CIMO continues its activities thanks to the work of volunteers involved to a higher or lesser degree in the association’s daily functioning.


        Françoise Rivière’s philosophy and way of life are still present through the philosophy conveyed during the activities and actions carried out by CIMO’s current members.

        Here you may fin some examples:

  • Macrobiotic Cooking Classes
  • Debate and Discussion Workshops
  • Practical Workshops
  • Library and book sale (mostly George Ohsawa’s books)